Sunday, October 14, 2012

Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver on Obamacare

Mat Staver is head of Liberty Counsel and the dean of the laughably third-rate law school at Liberty University. He is also a proud anti-gay bigot, a liar and probably a felon for his conduct in the Lisa Miller affair. Indeed, the Lisa Miller matter may put his license to practice law in jeopardy. A delusional Staver seems to think that he is going to have another go at the Supreme Court over Obamacare. He also makes this preposterous claim:
ObamaCare is the biggest funding of abortion in American history. Under the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate, ObamaCare will for the first time require employers and individuals to directly fund abortion.
So now contraceptives are a form of abortion? Utter rubbish. There is only a paper-thin gap between crazy Mat Staver and people flying airplanes into buildings out of religious zeal.
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