Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MN For Marriage's Latest Bull Exhaust - “A Look at Consequences: KIDS"

Frank Schubert's marriage twinkie is out with a four minute "marriage minute" about the supposed horrors of allowing gays to marry. If you listen carefully, they are suggesting that heterosexual couples will not care for their children as well if gays can get legally married. Seriously. Somehow, gay marriage mysteriously makes heterosexuals bad parents. There is also a suggestion that heterosexual couples will be raising different children if gays can marry. It's nonsense! Evil homosexuals are not going to snatch children from the arms of their biological parents for nefarious reasons. But it gets worse.

According to Kalley Yanta, equal marriage also creates out-of-wedlock children. Who knew? Of course what would a Schubert production be without some (thoroughly debunked and discredited) Regnerus. Then, according to Yanta, some schools expose children to gay marriage even before kindergarten. Who writes this shit? Oh, and of course there is a quote, supposedly from some gay guy, suggesting that this is all about getting kids while they are impressionable. Talk about dog whistles. OK, Kalley, Frank, listen up ...

The only children affected by equal marriage are those who are being raised by gay couples. That's it! Those kids will have the security afforded by having married parents and that's a good thing. 

Frank Schubert Preying
It is important to realize that the people responsible for this junk don't do it because they are interested in what's best for children or society. They do it because it is extremely lucrative     particularly if they can get citizens to abandon common sense and vote to forestall marriage equality. They also do this because the Pope has decreed it to be their duty as Catholics and they accept the dubious notion that the Pope is infallible. 

  • The homophobia is offensive.
  • The insult to our collective intelligence is offensive.
  • The insult to the First Amendment is offensive.
  • The damage done to children through these messages is spectacularly offensive.
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