Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Dishonest BS From Washington's Catholic Bishops

I find it hard to believe that Washington's Roman Catholic bishops actually believe half of the nonsense that they are spewing. I am going to guess that married gay couples would comprise maybe two percent of the population of Washington. According to these guys, the meaning of marriage will be lost and "harmed beyond repair." This is followed by entirely irrelevant gibberish about children. One would think that Maggie Gallagher or Robby George wrote the bishops' stalking points. Perhaps they did.
If the state successfully disconnects marriage from the potential inherent to sexual union between a man and woman, the civil meaning of marriage will be lost, and the institution that results will be a genderless contract without reference to children. The foundational nature of marriage for the good and the strength of human society will be harmed beyond repair. Faithful, monogamous marriages between one man and one woman will cease to be the legally-established social standard for uniting children with their parents, even though social science has established that children do best when raised in homes with married mothers and fathers.
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