Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mr. Romney's Pledge

Mitt Romney seemed to have little problem signing the pledge authored by the National Organization for Marriage. I take him at his word that he is going to do anything possible to thwart equal marriage.

What annoys me most about the pledge     what should have prevented Romney from signing it     is part four. It suggests that we are a threat to people who oppose marriage equality. It conveys NOM's contention that our right to criticize, say Chick-fil-A, is less equal than their right to enable denigration of, and discrimination against, LGBT citizens and taxpayers. When NOM claims that we are a threat to children, they are "defending marriage." When we fight back, we victimize National Organization for Marriage and its supporters. NOM has essentially said that the opinions of LGBT citizens are less equal than the opinions of those people who want to deny equal rights to gay people and Romney signed the damn thing.

How could any self-respecting LGBT person possibly vote for Romney?

Once Romney claimed that we are unequal (and he has), he forfeited the right to get our votes. Other issues are irrelevant. This is particularly true when the President of the United States has been an outspoken ally of the LGBT community. Some people are wed to the wink theory. According to that hypothesis, Romney is more moderate and reasonable than the pledge that he signed. So we should vote for someone whose word we cannot trust?

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