Friday, October 26, 2012

Protect Marriage Maine joins in on the Parker BS

I just received an email from Protect Marriage Maine. Included therein:
The ad titled, "Local Schools" highlights the real-life story of David and Tonya [sic] Parker of Massachusetts whose son was taught about “same-sex” marriage in school without their permission.
That's a lie. Parker's kid got a "diversity book-bag" that included a book on different family structures including interracial parents, step-parents and same-sex parents (among others). Since the child was in kindergarten his parents would have to read the book to him. It was their choice.
The courts ruled that parents had no right to prior notice, or to opt their children out of such instruction.
That's a lie. There was no "instruction" to opt out of. The Parkers wanted their child removed from class if the subject came up from another child; Something the school had no control over.
It is deeply disturbing that kids in Maine could be taught about ‘same-sex’ marriage without the consent of their parents or the opportunity for parents to opt their kids out of this instruction.
That's nonsense. Kids know that some of their classmates have two moms or two dads. Apparently the children are more mature than some of their parents!
Mr. Parker respectfully informed the school that he wasn’t going to leave the property until a reasonable solution was worked out.  As a result, he was arrested for trespassing.
He could hold his breath until he turned blue, too. Actually, about two hours later he told police that he wasn't leaving unless he was arrested.  PMM left out some of the chronology but there is a good chance that Liberty Counsel told him to get arrested.

The email includes the usual "genderless" marriage idiocy that will destroy western civilization forever. Ugh!
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