Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Right on cue, NOM goes to David Parker

Frank Schubert runs anti-equality campaigns for the National Organization for Marriage. His latest email for the Minnesota campaign to ban gay marriage includes this oldie from Prop 8:
Here is another headline: ‘Father of 6-year-old arrested, spends night in jail over objections to homosexual curriculum in son's kindergarten class.’

That one is true all right. A father of a six-year-old boy spent the night in a Massachusetts jail for “trespassing” after visiting his son’s school to ask that his son be allowed to opt-out of homosexual curriculum. 
Frank cannot help himself. This distorted story of some schnook who tried to get arrested has not improved with age. Furthermore, a "homosexual curriculum" was an imaginary friend. This is about David Parker, a resident of Massachusetts, and it happened seven years ago. Oh, and it took him almost two hours to finally exhaust the patience of police and actually get arrested. You would think that Frank could come up with something more recent    and more believable     if there were so many "consequences" to equal marriage.

This started in 2005 when Parker’s son brought home a "diversity book-bag." Among the materials was a book showing different family structures, including same-sex parents. I would note that it is as true in Oklahoma as it was in Massachusetts that some classmates have two mommies or daddies. Parker contacted Liberty Counsel and then sent  an email to the school principal. This went back and forth. Eventually, he attended a school committee town hall. Needless to say, at the town hall, Parker got a tad carried away, speaking of "homosexual indoctrination," pedophiles and a litany of Christianist nonsense.

The following day, Parker and his wife met with the principal demanding that their sons be automatically opted out of anything remotely "promoting homosexuality," even if the subject arose spontaneously. The principal patiently explained that the opt-out policy did not apply because there was no discussion of human sexuality and that the school had no control over what students might say in class.

This went back and forth. Finally, the principal said that this was his decision based on his understanding of policy. He told Parker that he could appeal the matter to the Commission of Education. When Parker and his wife refused to leave, the police were called. At a little after 5:00 PM, a detective politely requested that they leave (Parker's wife returned to the car). A lieutenant arrived on the scene at about 6:00 pm. During discussions, Parker said "if I'm not arrested then I'm not leaving." Parker was finally arrested at 6:25 pm. He has been an anti-gay hero ever since.

By the way, this made its way through the courts, ruling against Parker at each step. They appealed this all the way to the US Supreme Court which refused to hear the case. The original trial judge was correct in informing Parker that his options, if he wanted his sons to have a religiously oriented education, were home schooling or enrolling his sons in a Christian school.
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