Monday, October 1, 2012

SPLC is a "fanatical pro-homosexual group" - Who knew?

American Family Association has a unique disdain for LGBT people. They don't just tolerate batshit crazy Brian Fischer. They are cheering him on.  Designated a "hate group," AFA is not too fond of SPLC either. Just imagine when AFA thinks that they can combine both flavors of batshit into one waffle cone:

Back the hell up you crazy people! Mix it up day is mostly about racial tolerance; something that crazy old Don Wildmon (Chairman of AFA) also opposes. But I digress.  Mix it up day merely encourages students to sit at a different table in the cafeteria. Honestly, they are not going to catch anything. These days, Don's idiot son, Tim Wildmon, is running things. He tends to get things confused. Born and raised in ToopuhlOH.
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