Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Gallaudet Matter is IRRELEVANT

A Catholic school in Moorhead, MN terminated a fifth grade teacher after she told administrators that she disagreed with the church's stance on gay marriage.

Trish Cameron was notified last June that she wouldn't be offered a new contract at St. Joseph's Catholic School.  That happened after she filled out a self-evaluation form where she admitted to personally disagreeing with the church's stance on some issues. However, she said that she never brought her own opinions into the classroom.

Then, in a follow-up conversation with administrators, Cameron voiced disagreement with the church's opposition to same-sex marriage. She says she was then asked to resign.

Is that a reason to oppose Minnesota's marriage amendment? Certainly not! It bears no relevance.

National Organization for Marriage loves victims. Somehow "oh the poor Christian" magically turns into a reason to oppose marriage equality. The chief diversity officer of Gallaudet University signed a petition to put our civil rights on the ballot in Maryland. It was only an issue because of her unique position. The university put her on paid administrative leave for a few days and she was reinstated. NOM thinks that this is a reason for voters to oppose equal marriage. I call it nonsense! The same would be true were the woman fired for opposing marriage equality,
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