Thursday, October 18, 2012

Victims Galore - Including a Gay Couple

National Organization for Marriage is increasingly obsessed with creating victims. None of this has anything to do with marriage equality but you cannot tell them that. In this case a gay couple was victimized. They were made to feel unequal and unwelcome:

NOM tells us that a gay couple has filed a human rights complaint against upstate New York farmers. Leave it to NOM to omit how this place markets their numerous wedding venues including:
From Blue Jeans to Bow Ties, Liberty Ridge Farm offers indoor and outdoor wedding venues with breathtaking views that dazzle and delight. The Gifford Barn,a Dutch style barn hosts 2400 sq. ft. of reception space decorated in an equestrian theme. 
Yahoo and, in other words, they are a public accommodation.

According to a radio interview with Cynthia Gifford, who owns the farm with her husband, she admits that she turned away a gay couple:
I just felt uncomfortable. Maybe I made a mistake in my initial response to them I am willing to have a meeting. It is kind of against my religious views, but if they have an interest, they are more than welcome to come out and look at the property.
Gifford may think that Jews, gays and Muslims are destined for Hell but she still has to serve them. Religious issues were a common refrain in support of segregation too. This is well settled law.
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