Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Can't NOM Run an Honest Campaign?

National Organization for Marriage knows that an honest campaign dooms their enterprise. The fact that they, as fundamentalist Catholics, have a religious objection to equal marriage is not compelling. When they are not claiming that gays pose a danger to children, they are manufacturing "consequences" of same-sex marriage. Just today, I wrote about their laughable attempt to portray David Parker as a victim. Ultimately, NOM would have us believe that subjecting people to criticism makes them victims.

Most of NOM's "victims" are not in states that recognize equal marriage (like the New Mexico photographer and that New Jersey church-owned catering joint). They are also embarrassingly dated which makes it apparent that there just isn't a large pool of would-be victims. Their huffing and puffing over Chick-fil-A is similarly irrelevant. Thus, we go overseas:

Not a word of this is true. The statistics that they cite are unverified selective observation and represent a clear confusion of correlation and causation. No scholar would make such claims. As for that pastor, he was exonerated but it's irrelevant. In the United States, even hate speech is not a crime. Klan leaders, members of the American Nazi Party and even Brian Fischer are all free to spout their sordid spew. 
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