Monday, October 15, 2012

Why is Maggie Gallagher Always a Victim?

Maggie Gallagher seems to have a persecution complex. The reason for that     I think     is a complete lack of empathy. Moreover, no matter how civilly Maggie tells me that I am unequal, she is still telling me that I do not deserve equal protection under the law because she has a religious objection to my sexual orientation. That is discriminatory and uncivil per se. She is then offended (or pretends to be offended) by the harsh reaction. Then that reaction becomes the matter at hand; Not the real issue and certainly not Maggie's discriminatory objectives.

Case in point: This week Maggie was on a panel discussion of equal marriage at Morgan State University. In a piece that she wrote titled The Language of Stigma, she compliments her own civility and that of the panel.

After the debate, Reverend Meredith Moise (who was in the audience) stood up and said:
As a student, a former student and alumni of this beloved university, having said this to this man (Mitchell), whose family shed blood and died for the rights of all people is anathema. And shame on you, And for you to support it and propagate hate in the black community. Shame on you. No human being has the right to divide people of African blood on this issue. We will remain one people. I rebuke you!
Rev. Moise is co-chair of Baltimore Black Pride. She was apparently upset by NOM's deliberate tactic of trying to (in their words) "drive a wedge in the African American community." Maggie's reaction:
This is the language of stigma, and it is increasingly the very effective language of the gay rights movement in America.

As I said at Morgan State, again as the reporter caught it, “You can be expected fairly rapidly to be treated the way we treat, the way government treats, people who oppose equality. We stigmatize, we marginalize, we oppress racists because racism is wrong. But in my view, this traditional understanding of marriage across different races, creeds and colors is not evil. It’s not discriminatory. ..."
Maggie is being dishonest. She is pretending that the visceral objection is not to NOM's wedge strategy. She converts it to opposing equal marriage (in her manipulative language     "defending marriage"). Not only does she convert the objection but she arrogantly asserts that her conduct is not discriminatory because she     Maggie Gallagher     doesn't think that it is discriminatory. She is also claiming that the cause warrants the effect.

Ultimately, Maggie's conclusion is:
Here’s the simple truth for me — about why I continue to withstand the abuse:

Because I think our traditional understanding of sex and marriage is good. Because I will not volunteer to live in a world where these ideas are treated as bad and discriminatory.
I did say that Maggie lacks empathy. It's all about her. She is entitled to her opinion. Where does she get the idea that this is a zero sum proposition where rights granted to one group are subtracted from another?  Gay marriage doesn't affect Maggie in the least. It is her dishonest opposition to equal marriage that causes others to be angry with her. Claiming that gay people are a threat to children, for example, does tend to perturb us.
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