Monday, November 19, 2012

Blowhard Bill Donohue is at it again

Today, Blowhard Bill (head of the Catholic League) spews:
For most of American history, manger scenes adorned public property at Christmastime without controversy. It was also normal to ban public nudity. But times have changed: now the authorities in Santa Monica and San Francisco are set to rule on these issues.

Today in Santa Monica a federal judge will decide whether the city can  ban churches from erecting crèches in Palisades Park. On Tuesday, lawmakers in San Francisco will decide whether the city can ban public nudity. Activists in the atheist and homosexual communities are responsible for upending these traditions.
Blowhard Bill is presenting these two issues as if they are somehow related in propositional contrast. The reason that the erection of a crèche (manger scene) on public property is an issue is because it is an insult to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. There is a very long list of court cases that such displays constitute an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion.

As for public nudity I have no idea how Bill has determined that this has anything to do with the "atheist and homosexual communities." Nor, for that matter, did I think in terms of an "atheist community" existing. Neither Blowhard Bill nor I have any say in the matter since neither of us live in San Francisco. The guy to the right is not in San Francisco but you get the idea.

I have my personal preferences between the photo on the right and the one above left. Of course, in Blowhard Bill world I am just a depraved atheist-Jew homosexual in league with the devil.
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