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Crazy Rabbi Blames Sandy on The Gay

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Yehuda Levin is the orthodox rabbi who was too whacked out     even for Carl Paladino. Some may recall that, in 2010, Paladino refused to read, in full, Levin's homophobic diatribe to a Jewish audience. Levin has run for office in New York numerous times. Let's just say that Levin likes to listen to Levin. A few thousand years of persecution has taught most of us Jews to at least live and let live. But not Levin:

Rabbi Levin: Hurricane -- Global Warming or G-d's Warning?
Contact: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, 718-569-8438

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 2, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Tens of billions in losses, 50 dead, scientists say that Sandy is the worst N.Y. hurricane in 800 years! Some insurance policies still call this kind of occurrence an ACT OF G-D. But where are our religio-conservative leaders to interpret what's happening?

Remember when Dr. Falwell and Dr. Pat Robertson attributed 9/11 to the homosexual agenda and abortion? Guess our leaders have a huge problem doing that now.

After all, the dirty secret they don't tell us is that Romney supports homosexual adoption and Boy Scout leaders, homosexualization of the military, "domestic partnerships"/civil unions, homosexual K-12 mandated school curricula, homosexual youth day proclamations, $50 taxpayer funded abortion in Massachusetts, and the list goes on. (Google Romney Deception and

Here's a question for Billy and Franklin Graham and all the religio-conservative leadership:
Would your grandparents have ever dreamed of voting for Romney, if they had been aware of his atrocious pro-homosexual, pro-abortion record? So has G-d changed? Why aren't you letting your followers know the truth?

Here's a traditional Jewish/Torah approach to the hurricane and the election:
  1. G-d multitasks. There are probably various reasons for the hurricane. Each person should repent for his/her personal shortcomings.
  2. Days after same gender marriage began in New York, we were hit by Hurricane Irene. Days before the national election, (no significant repentance in NY or anywhere in the US,) Hurricane Sandy hits, further damaging our fragile economy. In 2 days: An earthquake in California, an "almost" tsunami in Alaska, Hawaii and Hurricane Sandy in the East. Sleep on...
  3. Daily, millions of Jews recite Psalms 147 & 148: (147) "He who dispatches His utterance earthward; how swiftly His Commandment runs! He who gives snow...scatters frost...hurls His ice...before His cold, who can stand?...He blows His wind...the water flows..."

    (148) 'He issued a decree, that will not change. Praise G-d from the earth, sea giants and all the watery depths. Fire & hail, snow & vapor, STORMY WIND FULFILLING HIS WORD!"
History repeats itself. (Genesis 6:11-12) The flood of Noah: And the earth was corrupted (licentiousness) before G-d...And G-d saw...all flesh had perverted its way on the earth." Heterosexual excesses and homosexual misbehavior and unions (and thievery) were the final causes of the Flood.

What should G-d fearing people do?
    A.  Repent personal and communal transgressions.
    B.  Defeat pro-homosexual union legislation and referenda especially in the states of Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.
    C.  Do not vote for any candidate who supports an anti-G-d or anti-family agenda or legislation.

    If Obama wins and the Senate is Republican, they can act as a strong loyal opposition, hindering much of the Obama agenda. However, if Romney (a wolf in sheep's clothing) wins, even a Republican Congress will not significantly oppose Romney's anti-family efforts. The results would be morally and spiritually catastrophic. It could be the end of the religio-conservative movement!

    D.  Urge your conservative and religious leaders to speak out and lead!
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