Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jeff Jacoby is a Lawyer?

Conservative columnist, Jeff Jacoby claims to have a law degree from BU. Yet, he seems perplexed by the difference between putting weed legalization on the ballot and putting marriage equality on the ballot. The "right" to smoke pot without getting arrested is not comparable to the civil right to marry which we contend is an issue of equal protection under the law as well as a basic civil right in accordance with Loving v Virginia. Moreover, those claims have been upheld in federal court at trial and appeal     and are now pending at the Supreme Court.

Jacoby concedes that he is opposed to marriage equality having previously written; "Society has a vested interest in promoting only traditional marriage" and that "...radical transformation of marriage won't end with same-sex weddings." Thereafter indulging in a slippery slope argument including polygamy and incest.

Today, writing for

In our democratic republic, we vote on rights all the time. On Nov. 6, citizens in 38 states voted on ballot questions inviting them to legalize marijuana, end the death penalty, ban affirmative action, permit assisted suicide, bar public funding of abortion, reject an individual health-insurance mandate, and eliminate teacher tenure, to mention just a few. 
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