Thursday, November 8, 2012

LaBarbera: Attack homosexuality instead of defending marriage

Time stopped for Peter LaBarbera a few decades ago; Certainly well before sodomy laws went south in Lawrence v. Texas and well before the APA concluded that conversion therapy was pointless and toxic. Pete is stuck in the heady days of the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition. Jerry Falwell was an author of national policy while Barney Frank was just an anomalous annoyance.

LaBarbera expresses what National Organization for Marriage sought to obfuscate. Both are equally bigoted but LaBarbera is "out:"
Pro-family advocates must stop looking for short cuts and return to their principled duty of educating citizens – especially brainwashed youth — on why homosexual behavior is wrong, unnatural, and – most important – changeable. (Thousands of former homosexuals like DL Foster testify to the reality of ex-“gay” change.)

Reframing the debate to “defending marriage” – a “positive” approach once seen as the salvation of the pro-family movement – only gave well-organized “gay” activists a big, fat target to shoot at: “Marriage.” And on Tuesday, they scored several direct hits on that target. By pretending that the fight to preserve real marriage is somehow separate from homosexuality, pro-family advocates undermined their core principles – leading to long-term (and even short-term) defeat.
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