Thursday, November 15, 2012

NOMnuts, November 15

I am reminded that nobody at National Organization for Marriage has ever really run anything before. Nor do that have the training or experience to run anything of any substance. In private industry, Brian Brown would be a mediocre middle manager with few prospects for meaningful advancement.

In Eleanor Barkhorn's piece for The Atlantic on the fight for marriage equality, Brown is quoted as saying:
We could have won these fights with the right amount of money.
Mr. Brown apparently doesn't pause for a second  to consider that a paucity of funds might reflect the weakness of their argument, the incompetence of their campaign and the investment quality of an enterprise that is ultimately bound to fail. These guys won a couple of poorly defended contests and they think that they are geniuses.

Later on, Brown contends:
We point to the real instances of individuals and organizations seeing their religious liberty undermined.
No Mr. Brown. It appears that you believe your own organization's demagoguery. NOM has manufactured victims, religious zealots, disconnected from any controversy over marriage, who are "undermined" by their own stupidity or a failure to appreciate what public accommodation means. Furthermore, the public is catching on that, if some inn owner in Vermont refuses to admit a gay couple, it is the gay couple who are the real victims. Furthermore, said inn owner would have been in legal jeopardy regardless of the recognition of same-sex marriage.

Finally, and pathetically, Brown says:
Do you really think that we're going to be quiet and go away? Just because the state says it's so, we're never going to accept it.
No Mr. Brown. We don't need your acceptance and we are beginning to prove that we do not require your approval.

We facce a long, hard road to national marriage equality. Getting Oklahoma and Mississippi to recognize same-sex marriage will be no easy task. Nevertheless, through the ballot and the courts we will continue to chip away with the knowledge that national marriage equality is inevitable. There's an important difference between our two positions.

When we lose we can always try again. When they lose, they're done.
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