Monday, November 5, 2012

NOMnuts November 5 - The Final Hours

So what is National Organization for Marriage doing in the final hours before election day?
  • They are asking for Money (sometimes "urgently"). This morning, Brian Brown sent out a gimme money email blast titled "Last Chance to Help Turn out the Vote." I'm sure that there is a diocese somewhere that has some spare change.
  • They are trotting out victims     the usual suspects. They are recycling The Parkers and the O'Reilly's (owners of the Wildflower Inn). They are also intent on letting us know that we have said nasty things to some supporters of inequality. And, of course, there is Damian Goddard, the sportscaster who is now in their employ. NOM insists that he was fired for a tweet "defending marriage." His former employer insists otherwise. Carrie Prejean seems to be unavailable this year. Remember her? I'll never understand what any of this has to do with marriage equality.
  • Meet the African-American clerics. According to NOM, there are hundreds of black pastors who oppose marriage equality. So what? NOM still has a strategy of using black people as a wedge issue, precisely as they said they would in their 2008-09 report to their directors.
  • They are mentally visiting Canada. One of today's pieces says it all: "Same-Sex Marriage Ten Years On: Lessons from Canada." Oh, the horror of it all. Of course actual Canadians, on the whole, are quite proud of equal marriage.
  • They did their best Peter LaBarbera imitation. I wrote about this on Saturday here and here. NOM claiming that gay people were indoctrinating children through the schools (as accomplices).
  • Bishop to Queen 3. Over the past few days, numerous Roman Catholic bishops have been telling us just how terrible equal marriage is and how it is contrary to God's plan. 200 bishops might think that they are aristocracy but they still get just 200 votes (along with some very heavy headgear). 
  • They have obsessed over New York politics. NOM is trying to oust GOPers who voted in favor of equality. So far (in the primaries) they haven't gotten much bang for the buck. No matter the outcome, NOM will figure out how to claim success - somehow. Along with one judicial retention election in Iowa, NOM is intent on revenge.
  • Rinse and repeat. While much of their ranting has been thoroughly debunked they continue to use it over and over again. NOM has their own set of facts and they are usually wrong.  They don't care.
I figure that, if we win one or two of the four contests tomorrow, we could be at the beginning of the end of National Organization for Marriage. At some point the money has to dry up. Even if we lose all four, our support is on the upside while NOM's is clearly deteriorating.

National marriage equality is inevitable regardless of the election result tomorrow.
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