Friday, November 16, 2012

NOMnuts - "Oh poor us"

According to Bloomberg Businessweek:
Gay-marriage advocates, coming off their first ballot-box victories, are targeting New Jersey and five other U.S. states where the road to legalization is simpler because voters can’t overturn laws through referendums.
That is not only logical and more economical but that strategy honors our representative form of government. More importantly it does not subject gay citizens to the stress induced by putting marriage equality on the ballot. Gay children are especially sensitive to the anti-gay rhetoric of organizations like National Organization for Marriage.

Of course NOM has their own way of framing the issue:
SSM Backers Remain Focused on States Where People Can't Have a Say

More evidence that despite what happened in these past elections, gay marriage backers still don't trust their ability to win state elections
"No fair!"
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