Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preserve Marriage Washington Must Have Some Bills to Pay

Preserve Marriage Washington is a National Organization for Marriage franchise. The franchisee is the Family Policy Institute of Washington. I'm guessing that they have some unpaid bills because they are still sending out gimme-gimme emails. According to the latest email:
Our campaign to reject R-74 is drawing to a close, but our battle to defend the values we hold dear becomes even more critical.
I would have thought that their "campaign to reject R-74" came to a close on election day. Silly me. Then, in bold, they make a remarkable claim:
In fact, our office already received a phone call from someone fearing for his job due to refusal to recognize same-sex marriages.
They lost with the victim du jour strategy. Yet they persist. They lost and marriage equality will never go away in Washington     never. The loser of any contest has to make an important decision. Either they will go out with class or they will not. PMW clearly chose the latter. That this is such obvious BS insults the intelligence of any critical thinker.
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