Saturday, November 3, 2012

This is what NOM does

National Organization for Marriage is dishonest. They lie! These devout Catholics will say anything, no matter how untruthful, if they think it helps their cause. And it is all with the explicit support of, and approval by, the US Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops. The bishops, NOM, Schubert and their allies are all responsible.

Earlier today, I authored a post about an email that's "making the rounds." Based on the headers, they all originate from Frank Schubert regardless of who seemingly signs them. Each one is more dishonest than the last. These people have no integrity and no shame.

Just to summarize, a school in Maine invited a local LGBT group to address students on the issue of LGBT tolerance. The school maintains that this was a worthwhile presentation. At the very end, in a Q&A, a student asked an inappropriate question and received an apparently age inappropriate answer. We don't know any details.

A woman whose child was in attendance told an interviewer that she was opposed to any discussion of "heterosexual or homosexual foreplay." This was based on what she heard from her child. It's anyone's guess what she meant, what she heard from her kid or what he son heard. Schubert has been pumping this as "homosexual indoctrination" all day. I think that we all know what that means.

My earlier post details the transition from Maine to Maryland to Washington. It's a self-created echo chamber. Now we hear from Schubert again. This time, the straw sender is John Helmberger of the Minnesota for Marriage anti-equality group:
According to parents and teachers, the homosexual presenters led a discussion about “homosexual foreplay” with students forced to listen. It’s incredible.
Utter bullshit. One parent, no teachers and presenters didn't "lead" a discussion about anything of the sort and we have no idea if students were "forced" to do anything. Then he blows the dog whistle that we are all familiar with:
If schools are willing to allow kids to learn about how homosexuals engage in foreplay now, do you really think they won’t force gay marriage instruction on young children when it is the law of the land?
According to the news report that each email links to:
School officials say it was a worthwhile presentation about tolerance that explored some hurtful topics that gay, lesbian and transgender teens experience. But during a question and answer period at the end, the discussion turned sexual in nature.

"This day went very, very well with the exception of that particular time and for that I apologize", said Principal Robert Riley.
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