Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thomasson: Homosexual judges promote homosexuality, cross-dressing

Randy Thomasson is president of The Campaign for Children and Families     better known as Think of Thomasson as a West Coast version of Porno Pete LaBarbera. Thomasson's thinking is along the lines that gays are contagious evil perverts who recruit children and mock God.

Enter Governor Jerry Brown who thinks that judges should be representative of the population.  On November 21, Brown made judicial history by appointing the first openly gay justice (Jim Humes) to serve on the California Court of Appeals. Brown also appointed Paula Rosenstein to the San Diego County Superior Court. A well known lesbian, Rosenstien was co-president of the Tom Homann LGBT Law Association in San Diego.

Needless to say, Mr. Thomasson is not pleased! Note his unsupported generalities without attributing any issues to the two judges at issue. But that's Thomasson. The only qualifications that he cares about are heterosexuality and Christianity. Fuck everything else. Catch these gems of bigotry courtesy of AFA's OneNewsNow:
When he was governor the first time, he appointed the first openly homosexual person to be a judge in America and now, by appointing two more openly homosexual judges, Jerry Brown is actually reinforcing that he doesn't care about the constitution, but he cares about promoting homosexuality and other gay practices.

Homosexual judges have been notorious for placing their own agenda     promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, trans-sexuality, and cross-dressing     above the constitution and above the statutes.
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