Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ADF: Five reasons gays should not be allowed to marry

Alliance Defending Freedom has posted 5 Reasons Why Marriage Still Matters to You. shall we tiptoe though the turds together? Why not?

1. Marriage as defined by God has not changed. 

This is not a religious issue. Get that through your thick heads. This is an issue of equal protection under the law. That pesky Establishment Clause is still part of the US Constitution, last time I checked.

2. If same-sex “marriage” is legalized, the religious freedom of your church and your pastor will be threatened. We have seen this in other countries...

Please. This from the same people who assured us that the intent of the Matthew Shepard hate crimes act was to lock up pastors for preaching about teh gay. We are not "other countries." The same Constitution that is supposed to keep their theocratic hands out of civil law protects freedom of religion.

3. Your freedom to decide what your children and grandchildren are taught in schools will come under attack.  Those pushing the homosexual agenda will be in a much stronger position to influence what children are taught in public schools about sexuality and family structure.

Utter nonsense. The notion that school curricula change because gays can marry is a lie that has been repeatedly debunked. Children already know that some of their classmates have two mommies or two daddies     married or not. The kids are much smarter than the sex-obsessed adults in that they don's seem to care.

4. Redefining marriage opens the door to many other alternatives.  Once a society rejects God’s standard for marriage and looks to the wisdom of man instead, all bets are off.  

Yeah, I know. People are going to want to marry their dog. "God's standard" used to be polygamy by the way. If and when threesomes or household appliances want to marry, I promise to oppose those unions.

5. Redefining marriage will hinder the spread of the Gospel.  This is especially true when it comes to ministering to those caught in the snare of sexual sin.  
Those who oppose the biblical definition of marriage and sexual sin do not just want the government’s endorsement of homosexual behavior.

Oh, you mean "pray-away-the-gay." Believe me, if people are desperate enough, ignorant enough or stupid enough to believe that stuff, they're not likely to marry someone of the same sex. Seriously, do these people have the first clue how dumb this makes them look?
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