Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NOM Makes This Too Easy

National Organization for [Banning Gay] Marriage needs to find a new blog editor. This one seems to be confused. Take, for example, today's headline: Liberals Demand Obama Weigh in On Gay Marriage Legal Arguments followed by:
Obama's conveniently-timed endorsement of same-sex marriage during the campaign season is now leaving some liberals to wonder why he hasn't commented once on the issue since being reelected, not even now that the Supreme Court has decided to take up the question.
Let's start with the headline. I don't think that Ted Olson would take kindly to being called a liberal. Olson and Boies are working on behalf of Americans for Equal Rights (AFER). Do any of the NOMnuts even know who is on AFER's board? For example, Robert A. Levy (Chairman of Cato) and Margaret Hoover (GOP activist and author) are not "liberals" by any standard.

Then NOM claims that the President's endorsement of marriage equality was "conveniently timed." Wasn't Obama's endorsement of equal marriage supposed to cost him the election? Isn't that what Brian Brown repeatedly said?

NOM goes on to quote Greg Sargent at the Washington Post. Nowhere within Sargent's article is there the remotest suggestion that anyone is wondering why the President has not commented on marriage equality since being reelected and I am not certain that he hasn't. As Mr. Sargent points out, Olson and Boies will (as in future) request that the administration file an amicus brief. There is plenty of time given that Oral arguments will probably not take place for four months. Furthermore, it has been all of five days since the Supreme Court decided to hear these cases.

NOM just makes this shit up. In their death throes, NOM gets screwier, less rational and more  mendacious by the moment. They are not even embarrassed by their obvious incompetence and incoherence.
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