Monday, December 3, 2012

Tony Perkins has cold water to throw on loving newlyweds

English: American politician Tony Perkins.
Poor Tony Perkins, head of hate group Family Research Council. Perkins is the natural successor to Anita Bryant in the sense that all of the rhetoric is there along with the complete disdain for facts, science and anything else that Perkins finds inconvenient. He has had to watch as LGBT Americans are getting closer and closer to equal protection under the law. It's killing him.

Perkins took a header through the batshit over the lesbian couple that got married at West Point. Tony couldn't see past his innate bigotry to appreciate that these are two very nice people, one of whom is a West Point graduate who served her country honorably. She is also lovingly caring for her wife who has multiple sclerosis. The ceremony was officiated by Army Chaplain Colonel J Wesley Smith of Dover Air Force Base. Not every Christian shares Perkins' bias.

The Pentagon issued a legal finding that such services are not a violation of DOMA (which makes perfect sense if you think about it). Perkins is undeterred:
Army officials are experts at following orders--except when it comes to federal marriage law. For the second time in two weeks, the brass at West Point opened its gates to lesbian "wedding" ceremonies in direct defiance of the Defense of Marriage Act. Adding insult to the law's injury, Saturday's service was held in the Cadet Chapel, a 176-year-old house of worship that has been the heartbeat of the Academy's Christian community for almost two centuries.
Tony loves those sophomoric scare quotes. As he continues it is apparent that he is irrational:
Brenda Fulton, one of the "brides," said the Chapel was a particularly meaningful site, because it's where she first heard the Cadet Prayer: "Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong"--words that, in the end, even West Point failed to live up to. Fulton and her same-sex partner marched down the aisle knowing full well they were leading the military's own processional away from the rule of law. "The liberal social experiment with our military continues," said a frustrated Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) in June.
OK Tony. Now give your old buddy David Duke a call. You can arrange a pity party.
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