Thursday, December 13, 2012

Uruguay Close to Equal Marriage

Uruguay's House of Representatives voted today to legalize same-sex marriage. The vote was close though; 81 - 6. The bill goes on to the Senate where it is expected to easily pass.

According to julio Bango, President Jose Mujica’s Frente Amplio Party, the law achieves;

... true equality before the law for all citizens. And it affirms that equality, since we are all diverse and we are all equal before it.

Apparently, Uruguay's Catholic Bishops share talking points with our (US) bishops. Bishop Alberto Sanquinetti said:
No union between two men or two women, no matter how stable, can be equal, because they cannot perform the conjugal act that takes place between two people of distinct corporality – man and woman – and the sexual attraction they have is not capable of procreation.
Poor thing. His whole week has been ruined!
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