Thursday, January 10, 2013

Illinois GOP Chair Taking Center Stage - Repairing Battered Party's Image

Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady is standing strong on marriage equality amid some calls for his resignation. As WBEZ reports (h/t NOM):

The flap over Brady’s comments comes as many state Republicans are still digesting their rout in the Nov. 6 elections, when the GOP lost its majority in the Illinois congressional delegation, and Democrats won supermajorities in both chambers of the General Assembly.

That has some politicians considering a move to the center on some social issues such as same-sex marriage, said Republican pollster Gregg Durham.

“What some voters perceive as extremism on some of the social issues certainly cost votes in November and will cost votes in the future,” Durham said, referring to young voters and suburban women, two key voting blocs. “And there’s a lot of candidates right now doing soul-searching, looking at some of these issues to say, ‘Where are we really on this stuff?’”
"Senator Kirk has full confidence in Pat Brady's leadership as chairman of the Illinois Republican Party and looks forward to working with him to elect Republicans in 2014,” Lance Trover, a Kirk spokesman, said in a statement.

Some deep-pocketed GOP insiders also seem to agree with Brady on the marriage issue. On Wednesday, former Exelon Corp. CEO John Rowe, a prolific campaign donor, sent a letter to the State Central Committee warning party bosses about the political fallout of opposing gay marriage.

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