Friday, January 11, 2013

Some thoughts on gun violence - Addendum

English: CAWS (Close Assault Weapon System)
Yesterday, I wrote about what I thought was the missing piece in the debate over gun control. It's not just that a parade of victims wants more effective gun control. Rather, there is a complete lack of victims (including myelf) who claim that if they had been armed, they might have prevented being shot. I should have added potential solutions to the problem.

I think that we can substantially decrease gun deaths and gun injuries if;
  1. We implement a system of universal background checks and;
  2. We make gun owners accountable for their weapons. As part of that, we insure that guns purchased legally do not end up in the hands of prohibited purchasers.
As a society, can we find the will and political courage to take action when lives are at stake? I wish that every GOPer who parrots the NRA had, in their mind, the image of a diminutive six-year-old and the damage done with a high powered assault weapon.

These same GOPers go batshit over protecting a fetus. Why is it that they care so much less about life once a child is born?
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