Thursday, February 28, 2013


Image representing Intel as depicted in CrunchBase I have been reading some of the right wing blogs. People are going nuts over which companies not to do business with. So let's start with smartphones. Unless they want to use antiques, Android is developed by Google and we all know that the iPhone is from Apple.

The 100 Corporation Amicus Brief

I haven't been able to blog today, but I did want to update people on the signatories to the "100 company" friend of the court brief in opposition to Proposition 8. I'll have more on this and other things tomorrow:
  • 1 Source Consulting
  • Abercrombie & Fitch†
  • Adobe Systems
  • Advanced Micro Devices,
  • Aetna†
  • Air Products and
  • Akamai Technologies, Inc.
  • Alaska Airlines and
  • Alcoa, Inc.†
  • Alere Inc.
  • American International

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There he goes again - Brian Brown making empty threats to GOPers

Madman Brian Brown
At some point we might actually have to thank Brian Brown for advancing the cause of marriage equality. The fundamentalist Catholic head of National Organization for Marriage has once again decided to seek revenge against a Republican congressman who is a proponent of marriage equality.

Brown's target this time is upstate New York congressman Richard Hanna. Hanna's offense is that he has reportedly signed an amicus brief in support of striking down California's Proposition 8. According to Brown, Representative Hanna "will get a primary opponent." Hanna is a moderate Republican representing a Democratic district. Brown never has quite understood New York demographics. If Brown does find a candidate (which I doubt) and should that individual defeat Manna in the primary, they are probably going to cede the seat to a Democrat.

upstate New York congressman Richard Hanna.
upstate New York congressman Richard Hanna.
upstate New York congressman Richard Hanna.
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NOM Spokesperson: Marriage equality 'creates structural injustices against children'

Smells Like NOM Bullshit
Jennifer Roback Morse of the National Organization for Marriage's Ruth Institute testified before a legislative committee in Illinois yesterday. According to Morse:

Most importantly, redefining marriage creates structural injustices against children.  To see this, we must ask ourselves: what is the essential public purpose of marriage, and what is owed to the child?

The essential public purpose of marriage is to attach mothers and fathers to their children and to one another.  And the child is entitled to a relationship with and care from both of the people who brought him into being. Therefore, the child has a legitimate interest in the stability of his parents’ union.

Let's not get too carried away over 80 GOPers

Republican Party (United States)
GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia, Jimmy LaSalvia's terrible wig and Ken Mehlman make it 83. Add in a few Log Cabin GOPers I suppose. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate every one of the Republicans who have reportedly agreed to sign an amicus brief to strike down Proposition 8. Their support could help to sway justices in the right direction. They are doing the right thing. My problem is with the Republican Party.

There are roughly 300 GOPers in Congress. Apparently, only two     Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, and New York Congressman Richard Hanna     have signed on to this brief. That is pathetic. Where are all those so-called libertarians? Where are those strict constructionists who believe in the Establishment Clause?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teresa "Vaginal Probe" Collett Joining Brian Brown in Minnesota on March 7

Teresa "Vaginal Probe" Collett
Minnesota for [banning gay] Marriage is having a rally on March 7. Along with NOM's Brian Brown will be Teresa Collett. So who is Teresa Collett? Well, her day job is as a professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. Her hobbies include anti-choice zealotry and some choice homophobia. Collett is a graduate of University of Oklahoma (BA and JD). She is one of the leading legal experts on vaginal ultrasound probes. Seriously. She has been involved in the efforts by a number of red states to outlaw abortion.

Statement from Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) on Signing Amicus Brief in Support of Marriage Equality

"I have joined many other Republicans in signing a legal brief demonstrating that the right to marry should be constitutionally supported for all Americans. It isn’t correct to unfairly restrict the rights of equality and justice upon which our great nation was founded. We’re calling on the Supreme Court to correct this injustice and to bestow constitutional freedoms for all. We have taken a historic stride toward equality with the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’."

"I have also supported other pro-equality legislation such as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the Student Non-Discrimination Act, and the Every Child Deserves a Family Act. It should not be constitutional that we continue to deny to LGBT Americans rights enjoyed by others. We must act now to ensure the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are applied to all Americans.”
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Brian Brown to Receive Honorary Degree from UNACCREDITED, NON-EXISTENT Institution

As Pam and Jeremy have both reported, National Organization for Marriage's CEO, Brian Brown will receive an honorary doctorate from American Urban University. All this was arranged through the Coalition of African-American Pastors whose head (Bill Owens) is reportedly on NOM's payroll.

As Pam noted, American Urban University had its corporate charter revoked in 1989. Moreover, I checked the US Department of Education database. No institution by that name is, or has ever been, accredited by any accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education.

Mr. Brown can stick that worthless piece of paper [fill in the blank]. Are any of these people not douche bags?
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Mr. Schubert - You do realize that Laura Bush DOES support marriage equality, right?

Laura Bush, wife of former President George W. Bush, does support marriage equality. The fact that Mrs. Bush asked to have this clip removed from a Freedom to Marry advertisement does not change her stated position. Colin Powell and Darth Vader himself, Dick Cheney, support marriage equality. That is an issue of fact.

Someone needs to explain this to Frank Schubert, political director for National Organization for Marriage. In an email blast authored by Schubert:

Monday, February 25, 2013

NOM's New Heroes - Oregon Bakery That Flouts Anti-Discrimination Laws

This was featured on NOM's blog (spelled as Oregan by the way). The establishment is Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Oregon.

Exactly what part of public accommodation do these nitwits not understand? Do they subscribe to the notion that, because a group of Christians purchased a bunch of cakes that they are then permitted to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Apparently that's the position of National Organization for Marriage.

These morons are seeking a religious exception. Yeah sure. You are doing God's work baking fucking  cupcakes.
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NOM's Brian La Pierre

Brian S. Brown
There goes Brian Brown shooting his mouth off again - threatening people who vote in favor of marriage equality. According to Brown:
The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today pledged to spend $500,000 against any Republican legislator who votes in favor of redefining marriage in Minnesota, and will support any Democrat who votes to preserve marriage.
The same Mr. Brown pledged $2 million in New York. They spent under $50 thousand and might have been responsible for unseating one GOP state senator. Their prime target, Senator Mark Grisanti won in a landslide.
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Answering NOM's Rhetorical Question - Preparing for their 'March for Marriage'

National Organization for Marriage offers this graphic on their blog without attribution. The name of the file is marchmeme3.jpg meaning that we will see this nonsense at their nonsensical "March for Marriage" on March 26.

This particular slice of baloney is usually called begging the question. There are two implicit premises that are false. The first is that gay people are unpleasant to people who think that marriage should be confined to one man and one woman and the second is that people associated with National Organization for Marriage merely disagree with marriage equality.

The Persuadable Middle - Seeking Proponency over Capitulation or Contrition

While marriage equality is a proxy, in some respects, for gay rights and gay equality, we still have much work to do. For example, even with the President's advocacy, another US legislative session is likely to conclude  without passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). And that's just at the federal level. How about all of the state laws that are needed to protect gay people from all kinds of discrimination?

To accomplish full LGBT equality (and let's not forget the "T" part), we need all of the allies that we can get.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Week Last Year in NOM

This was the week, last year that introduced the Minnesota Marriage Twinkie (Kalley Yanta). Once again, we see how remarkably unprescient Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher and NOM (in general) could be. National Organization for Marriage was forming the theme that endorsing marriage equality would lead to a loss at the polls.

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Jersey Legislators are pushing for a marriage equality veto override by the end of the term

According to PolitickerNJ, Democratic leaders in both the Senate and the Assembly are committed to holding a marriage equality veto override vote before the end of the current legislative term.

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, an openly gay lawmaker who sponsored the bill in the Assembly, said he met with both Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald. Both men are committed to putting the bill up for an override.  The bill did not pass in either house with enough votes to override the governor's action, but advocates have been working the phones for a year trying to turn lawmakers in their favor. Pressure from both sides will certainly mount between now and next fall.

So the Church is organizing this "March for Marriage"

English: National Equality March on Washington
National Equality March on Washington
National Organization for Marriage is generally a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. With its considerable ties to Opus Dei, NOM often acts on behalf of the Catholic Church. Together, along with hate group Family Research Council, they are organizing a march on the Supreme Court to occur on March 26. This coincides with oral arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry (Prop 8).

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our argument at its core in Hollingsworth v Perry

I had ample time, today, to read and re-read our reply brief in Hollingworth v Perry     the Proposition 8 case. The brief covers numerous arguments including things like standing and heightened scrutiny. Yet, in my opinion, at the core of the argument made by Mr. Olson and Mr. Boies is a very simple truth.

During the campaign for Proposition 8, proponents claimed that Proposition 8 protected children. Knowing that wouldn't fly in a court of law, they changed the argument to the claim that the state has an interest in encouraging and promoting responsible procreation.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Frank Schubert: "Inevitability is the Great Lie"

Frank Schubert
National marriage equality is inevitable. If the Supreme Court reverses the 9th Circuit and upholds Proposition 8, we'll just get it back on the ballot. If the Supreme Court upholds DOMA, eventually, we will get Congress to repeal it. The demographics, alone, make it inevitable.

National Organization for Marriage is fighting inevitability more than they are fighting same-sex marriage. Who would donate to a campaign that is destined to fail?

Southern Baptists pass resolution urging Boy Scouts of America to continue discrimination

Boy Scouting (Boy Scouts of America)
The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention has passed a resolution urging the Boy Scouts of America's leadership not to change their policy that bans gay members.

According to the resolution:
...we call on and urge the representatives of the approximately 1,400 voting members of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America courageously to stand strong on their moral convictions and vote to reject the proposed resolution from the national Scouting leaders, retaining the current policy of moral rectitude that has marked the Boy Scouts of America for more than one hundred years.
Since when is discrimination "courageous?"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Answers to Illinois Family Institute's Questions

Tomorrow, an anti-gay hate group, Illinois "Family" Institute is organizing a "rally" at the Illinois state capitol to protest against marriage equality. They want citizens of Illinois to ask their representatives "hard questions" about marriage. The person who conceived of these questions is not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Rhetorical questions are never a very good idea.

I am neither a citizen of Illinois nor an elected representative but here goes:

Boy Scouts May Have Misrepresented Catholic Position on Gay Leaders

Boy Scout leaders and Scouts (in the water) pr...
According to the Christian Post, Boy Scout leaders reportedly told both Mormon and Southern Baptist leaders that it had the support of the Catholic Church regarding its proposed policy change on allowing gays into scouting.
At the time, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops was still in discussions over the issue.

Misguided and NOM Approved

According to National Organization for Marriage, this young woman, Anna Maria Hoffman, is just "awesome." Ms. Hoffman, after co-opting a no-hate meme, goes off on all the things that are wrong with marriage. Apparently, she blames all of that on "gay marriage." Then she has the temerity to complain that people think that she is a bigot? Gimme a break.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

In Response - You Have a Purpose Project

Diana Medley
Diana Medley
About two weeks ago, a group of students, parents and a teacher in Sullivan, Indiana decided to create a separate no gays allowed prom. That "teacher" was Diana Medley and she  said that gays have no purpose.

You have a purposeNow gay rights groups see the need to buttress the confidence and ego strengths of gay teens. Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays state coordinator Annette Gross said Saturday that the "You Have a Purpose Project" Facebook page will collect videos submitted to encourage gay youth. She compared the project to syndicated columnist Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project aimed at deterring bullied gays from suicide.

Read more here:
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

We are fortunate: It is Rick Santorum penning columns for Wing Nut Daily while Barack Obama is President of the United States

Rick "Mr. Frothy Mix" Santorum will never be President of the United States. As a nation we can be spectacularly stupid but we are not that stupid. Consider that Santorum crashed and burned early in the process that selected so mediocre a candidate as Mitt Romney.

Mr. Santorum writes in WND Proof Obama really doesn't understand his job. Santorum goes on to take umbrage with the fact that President Obama said, in the State of the Union address "If Congress won’t act, I will." Apparently, Santorum claims that this reflects a failure of leadership. One need only ask where Mr. Santorum was while Mr. Bush was issuing edicts as signing statements. However, we need not, because Santorum goes further:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Video] Demand a plan to end gun violence

Hadiya Pendleton performed at President Obama's inauguration in January. Just a week later, she was shot and killed in Chicago. Sign the petition and Demand a Plan from Congress to end the gun violence that kills 33 Americans every day.

Today is the tenth anniversary of Project Steve

Exhibit at Creation Museum
Project Steve is a playful response to creationists amassing lists of "scientists who doubt evolution." Created by the National Center for Science Education, Project Steve is named in honor of the late paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould.

Friday, February 15, 2013

David E. Smith of the Illinois 'Family' Institute sees religious liberty as the liberty to discriminate

David E. Smith is head of the anti-gay hate group Illinois Family Institute. According to American "Family" Association:

Smith remains concerned that, should the [Illinois marriage equality] measure become law, people of faith who own businesses such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, and wedding halls will be forced to do business with homosexuals.

"That also, by the way, includes landlords," he notes. "A landlord should be able to discriminate and say, Look, I don't want to rent my apartment out or my condo out to anyone who doesn't share my values."

Here is my concise message for Mr. Smith: Fuck you  and anyone else who thinks that they can discriminate based on sexual orientation. People do not get to choose who they will serve in a public accommodation. That includes religious zealots of all stripes. The is the United States     not Iran.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Laurie Higgins doesn't get it - Laurie Higgins will NEVER get it

Laurie Higgins is the spokesperson for anti-gay hate group Illinois Family Institute. With marriage equality in Illinois becoming increasingly inevitable, IFI is ratcheting up the vitriol. According to Ms. Higgins:
To say that in order to treat people with respect and dignity, society has to eliminate sexual complementarity from the definition of marriage actually contravenes the teachings of Jesus, whom Obama publicly claims to serve.

The Chaplain's Alliance for Religious Liberty wants the liberty to discriminate

Led by former chaplain Ron Crews, the Chaplain's Alliance for Religious Liberty is just another run-of-the-mill anti gay group. It is comprised of seven retired officers who never served after the repeal of DADT. Add to that 16 Christian pastors who don't seem to have a military background. Their new outrage is the benefits now being provided to spouses of gay service personnel. Their conclusion, though, is rather comical:
It is an outrage that the Department of Defense would provide benefits to an unknown number of persons, at significant cost to the military, at a time when the military’s budget is being reduced. It is even worse that this is being done without consulting Congress.
OK pinhead. If it is an "unknown number of persons" then how is it a "significant cost?" It is certainly not a great number of people. Furthermore, the retention of gay service members is as important as any other. Spousal benefits are provided for just that purpose.

CWA fighting against the 'aggressive homosexual lobby'

Via a mailer from Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America:
An aggressive homosexual lobby - which speaks for an estimated 1-2% of our entire population - is attempting to radically redefine marriage in America.
The number of gays and lesbians is irrelevant to the issue of marriage equality. Nevertheless, gays and lesbians account for about 5%of the nation. Nance continues with a "poor us" at the hands of "Leftist Washington Elites:"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blowhard Bill Donohue is at it yet again

I think that Bill Donohue is still advocating for the Spanish Inquisition. The (very overpaid) head of the Catholic League (a divorced man) explains why the Roman Catholic Church and its hierarchy are always right. This week (and it's always in ALL CAPS) blowhard Bill screams: OHIO CATHOLIC SCHOOL OFFICIAL FIRED followed by "woe is us at the hands of the hypocritical liberal media."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Christian v Christian

I confess that I don't speak this particular dialect of gibberish but I think that I get the drift. This is from Mike Gendron at Proclaiming the Gospel. It serves as a reminder that the Christian world is not monolithic. People claim that there is no such thing as a gay Christian. Some people claim that the Pope is a "false prophet."
The most influential false prophet in the world has announced his resignation. He is the foolish man who has the audacity to wear titles reserved for the tribune God - Holy Father, Head of the Church and Vicar of Christ.

Not only does he steal titles from God, he also receives worship that is due only to God. He dares to say he "has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered" (Catechism, para 882). This false apostle also usurps God's infallibility and condemns with anathema all who believe they are justified by faith alone in Christ. All who embrace his false and fatal gospel will follow him into a Christ-less eternity unless they repent and believe the Gospel of grace. It is time for Catholics to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as the author and perfector of the Christian faith. Today is the day of salvation; God does not promise anyone tomorrow.
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NOM and Porno Pete join the anti-SPLC chorus (a cappella)

National Organization for Marriage and Americans for Truth About Homosexuality have both issued statements today regarding the Southern Poverty Law Center. AFTAH is listed by SPLC as an anti-gay hate group while NOM is not.

That hasn't stopped NOM's Thomas Peters from yelling ACTION: Tell SPLC to Take Down the "Hate Map" Used by FRC Shooter to Target Victims. According to Peters:

Monday, February 11, 2013

A separate "straights only" prom at Sullivan High School in Indiana?

Just when I think that this kind of bigotry is waning, a group of miscreants is claiming that gay kids are not their equal.

A group of students, parents, and a teacher in Sullivan, Indiana (population 4,224), say they want a separate high school prom and no gays allowed.

Members of the group and their supporters met Sunday at the Sullivan First Christian Church to discuss plans of a separate “traditional” prom, Terre Haute TV station WTWO reported.

Brian Camenker - Oh, Brian Camenker

Spectacular Stupidity
Brian Camenker is Massachusetts' answer to Porno Pete. His is the Hate Group,  MassResistance. I usually ignore Camenker unless he says things that I find amusing. After all, it seems perfectly obvious that no group has been less successful at stemming the tide of the homosexual agendaTM than MassResistance.

According to OneNewsNow, on the subject of Latino advocacy groups:

No Mr. Knight - We are not all smart and good at telling jokes

The virulently anti-gay Robert Knight has an antisemitic bent as well. In today's Washington Times he writes:
Michael Schwartz, a great man who passed from this earth last weekend at age 63, was an anomaly.

An Irish Catholic from the Duffy family, he had a last name that suggested a different heritage. He was so smart and good at telling jokes that a lot of people were stunned to find out he wasn’t Jewish.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I wonder if the Christian Right ever watches "Shameless"

I don't know if the Christian right watches Shameless on Showtime. If they do, the must be having a collective cow. Just for starters (and try to keep up):

  • The alcoholic Frank Gallagher is giving lessons to Jody on how to "enjoy" anal objects because Jody's lover, who used to be Frank's lover, has an anal insertion fetish. Jody was originally engaged to his current lover's daughter and has an infant son with her who has Down Syndrome.
  • The middle son Ian (who is presumably underage) is gay. In addition to having an age appropriate boyfriend. Ian has also been having an affair with Fiona's boyfriend's father (Fiona is the oldest sister and the real head of the family by default).

Last Week, Last Year in NOM

Last week, last year in NOM includes the momentous decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirming Judge Walker's conclusion that California's Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. Enough bandwidth to sustain the Pentagon for a year was expended by outraged Christians venting their dissatisfaction with the Court.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Utah continues to treat books about LGBT subjects as pornography

The good news is that In Our Mothers' House is back on the shelves of the Davis, Utah school district (population 311,811) libraries.
Marmee, Meema, and the kids are just like any other family on the block. In their beautiful house, they cook dinner together, they laugh together, and they dance together. But some of the other families don't accept them. They say they are different. How can a family have two moms and no dad? But Marmee and Meema's house is full of love. And they teach their children that different doesn't mean wrong. And no matter how many moms or dads they have, they are everything a family is meant to be.

Birther v Birther

Attorney and activist Orly Taitz
Yes, they still exist and they are still at it. A birther-conspiracy theorist told the 9th Circuit that the so-called queen of that movement, Orly Taitz, harassed his paralegal as part of a political hatchet job. Oy veh.

Taitz, usually the plaintiff in unsuccessful challenges to the legitimacy of Obama's presidency, faces a civil suit alleging that she and her organization, Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, defamed attorney Philip Berg and his paralegal, Lisa Liberi.

Friday, February 8, 2013

ITAF: It Takes a Fanatic

Ruth Institute is defunct. Ruth Institute has not existed as an entity since 2011 (it has filed a termination with the IRS). Ruth ceased operations with less than $3,000 in assets. Perhaps that's because of emails like this one, addressed to me as "[[First Name]]." Ms. Morse is on the payroll of National Organization for Marriage and works for NOM out of her home in the San Diego area. My friend Jeremy Hooper tells me that Ruth is a DBA of NOM Education Fund.

It Takes a Family ("ITAF") is actually a book by Rick Santorum. The title was a response to the 1996 book It Takes a Village by then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is an annual "event" that NOM puts on. It is marketed towards young adults. The event has a clear agenda given that National Organization for Marriage only exists to oppose marriage equality for gays and lesbians. Gay people seem to consume much of the discussion at ITAF.

Presenters include:

The Dumbest False Equivalence of the Week

The week, we have seen right wing groups attempt to falsely equate SPLC's criticism of FRC with FRC's anti-gay rhetoric. That has taken a backseat to this afternoon's effort by National Organization for Marriage:

  • NOM: Chorus of Voices Decry Media Double-Standard on FRC Shooter, SPLC. Top conservative writers and bloggers are all pointing out the double standard the media is applying to the FRC shooter and SPLC, compared to the outcry the media expressed in the wake of the Rep. Gabby Giffords shooting as they attempted to pin the violence on right-wing politics.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Randy Thomasson is late to the Boy Scouts party but manages to remind us of just how whacked out he is

Randy Thomasson with is sort of a California version of Porno Pete LaBarbera. As you can see from that photo, poor Randy is obsessed with all things gay. Apparently, he is possessed of the notion that there are hordes of horrendously horrible homosexuals (probably in chaps) who are out to corrupt every child in America. Leave it to Randy to get lost:

Freedom to Marry announces 2013 drive to invest $2 million in Win More States Fund

Quoting Freedom to Marry CEO and founder Evan Wolfson:
Evan Wolfson
Building on our 4 for 4 ballot victories in November, Freedom to Marry is calling on supporters to join us in continuing the momentum and winning still more states in 2013. With the clock ticking on the Supreme Court's review of marriage cases, we want to make as much progress as we can - and with battles already underway now in state capitals, we all need to put our money where our momentum is. 

Now it is NOM's Turn to Pretend that SPLC is at Fault for the FRC Shooting

Readers of this blog know that I was shot with a .45 and that I am partially disabled. I am profoundly sympathetic towards the employee of Family Research Council who was injured last August. My sympathies, however, do not require me to abandon common sense. I have little regard for National Organization for Marriage's email signed by Brian Brown titled It could have been one of us. Over the years, in addition to being a bigot, Mr. Brown has been an accomplished professional victim.

President Obama nominates gay man to Federal Court of Appeals

Todd M. Hughes is Deputy Director of the Commercial Litigation Branch of the Civil Division at the United States Department of Justice, a position he has held since 2007. If confirmed, Mr. Hughes would become the first openly gay federal appeals court judge in U.S. history.

This represents President Obama's second nomination of a gay man to the Federal Circuit. The first, Edward DuMont withdrew his nomination in 2011 after it was stalled in the Senate.
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