Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boy Scouts May Have Misrepresented Catholic Position on Gay Leaders

Boy Scout leaders and Scouts (in the water) pr...
According to the Christian Post, Boy Scout leaders reportedly told both Mormon and Southern Baptist leaders that it had the support of the Catholic Church regarding its proposed policy change on allowing gays into scouting.
At the time, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops was still in discussions over the issue.

In a way, the Boy Scouts are reminiscent of the US military prior to the repeal of DADT. There are plenty of gay kids in scouting. Most have probably realized their sexual orientation years after first entering the Scouts (boys enter scouting at ten years of age).

However, unlike the US military, the Boy Scouts are a private organization and (as is quite apparent) the decision over who can participate is being made largely by religious organization. Those religious organizations have done a pretty good job at tarring gay people as perverts and child molesters.

There probably are cases of openly gay men molesting children. However, I am at a loss to find them.
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