Monday, February 11, 2013

Brian Camenker - Oh, Brian Camenker

Spectacular Stupidity
Brian Camenker is Massachusetts' answer to Porno Pete. His is the Hate Group,  MassResistance. I usually ignore Camenker unless he says things that I find amusing. After all, it seems perfectly obvious that no group has been less successful at stemming the tide of the homosexual agendaTM than MassResistance.

According to OneNewsNow, on the subject of Latino advocacy groups:
What's happened to them is what's happened to a lot of groups and others, where the leadership becomes very left-wing and corrupt. It seems to me that these groups, at least their leadership, are very left-wing anyway, probably [as] socialist … anti-American and anti-family as the leadership of a lot of the other major left-wing groups in this country.
ONN: " Camenker points out, Hispanics are typically strongly opposed to homosexuality."
In my experience, the Hispanics have been the strongest group in the country, more so even than the blacks, on this issue.
There's that "the blacks" again. Camenker's assumption is incorrect as well. Nearly 60% of Latinos support marriage equality.

By the way, in my last post I wrote that it is incorrect to suggest that we Jews are all smart. Mr. Camenker happens to be a member of the tribe. Case closed.
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