Thursday, February 14, 2013

CWA fighting against the 'aggressive homosexual lobby'

Via a mailer from Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America:
An aggressive homosexual lobby - which speaks for an estimated 1-2% of our entire population - is attempting to radically redefine marriage in America.
The number of gays and lesbians is irrelevant to the issue of marriage equality. Nevertheless, gays and lesbians account for about 5%of the nation. Nance continues with a "poor us" at the hands of "Leftist Washington Elites:"
They've got money (lots of it). They've got the backing of special interest groups and Leftist Washington elites. They've even got the president in their back pocket. But here's what they don't have: YOU. 
Nance continues:
The majority of Americans think marriage is worth fighting for. We simply cannot allow this administration and a relatively small but vocal subculture to force us to accept the radicalization of marriage, our families, and our culture.
"Worth fighting for" means banning gays from marrying. Moreover, the Obama administration has little to do with marriage equality which is being achieved through the ballot, state legislatures and the courts. I am still waiting for one of these nitwits to explain how anyone's marriage is changed     in any way     due to same-sex marriage recognition.
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