Friday, February 15, 2013

David E. Smith of the Illinois 'Family' Institute sees religious liberty as the liberty to discriminate

David E. Smith is head of the anti-gay hate group Illinois Family Institute. According to American "Family" Association:

Smith remains concerned that, should the [Illinois marriage equality] measure become law, people of faith who own businesses such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, and wedding halls will be forced to do business with homosexuals.

"That also, by the way, includes landlords," he notes. "A landlord should be able to discriminate and say, Look, I don't want to rent my apartment out or my condo out to anyone who doesn't share my values."

Here is my concise message for Mr. Smith: Fuck you  and anyone else who thinks that they can discriminate based on sexual orientation. People do not get to choose who they will serve in a public accommodation. That includes religious zealots of all stripes. The is the United States     not Iran.
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