Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Frank Schubert: "Inevitability is the Great Lie"

Frank Schubert
National marriage equality is inevitable. If the Supreme Court reverses the 9th Circuit and upholds Proposition 8, we'll just get it back on the ballot. If the Supreme Court upholds DOMA, eventually, we will get Congress to repeal it. The demographics, alone, make it inevitable.

National Organization for Marriage is fighting inevitability more than they are fighting same-sex marriage. Who would donate to a campaign that is destined to fail?

In NOM email blast written by Frank Schubert (author of "gay marriage will be taught in school"), they are taking on the inevitable. According to Schubert:
Inevitability is the great lie of the same-sex marriage movement. It's one that has been carefully crafted and aggressively spread throughout the media and the culture. But it's a lie nonetheless.
Let me put this in simple terms;

16% of the US population now live in equal marriage states and nobody's traditional marriage has been affected in any way whatsoever.

If there is a "big lie" it is constructed from all of the fear mongering that NOM (via Frank Schubert) has been spreading for years and none of it has come to pass. Schubert continues:
They claim that the U.S. Constitution contains an absolute "right" for a man to marry another man or a woman to marry another woman. Moreover, they contend the Constitution has contained this legal right for the past 145 years!
Actually, that's another one of Frank's whoppers. There are many arguments (our side's Prop 8 brief will be filed tomorrow). Among those is the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled that marrying the person of one's choice is a basic civil right. We contend that the ruling in Loving v Virginia should extend to gay couples.

Furthermore, the Equal Protection Clause, which is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, provides that "no state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."  Schubert continues:
Do you think those Americans who adopted the 14th Amendment back in 1868 realized that it was done so that homosexual "marriage" would be accepted as the law of the land? ("Oh, you don't? You must be a bigot!")

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Therein lies the real truth. NOM is asking for money. Schubert's rhetorical question is baloney. I can demonstrate this by asking "Do you think those Americans who adopted the 14th Amendment back in 1868 realized that it was done so that interracial marriage  would be accepted as the law of the land?" How about school segregation in Brown v Board of Education? One more whopper towards the bottom third of a lengthy rant:
Griffin, Olson and Boies suffered a critical loss a few weeks ago when a federal judge in Nevada rejected a claim — nearly identical to those made in the Prop 8 case — that their state marriage amendment was unconstitutional.
Oh that Frank. First of all, this was not a "critical loss;" it was a foregone conclusion before an extremely conservative judge who is a Mormon bishop. Secondly, That's why we have higher courts. We are going to continue to chip away at these state amendments. It's only a matter of time.
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