Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mat Staver's Drivelectomy

In a press release titled: Southern Poverty Law Center Incited Shooting Spree Against Family Research Council, Liberty Council claims that "FBI evidence revealed in court yesterday that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) spurred Floyd Corkins’ shooting spree at the Family Research Council last summer." That is false.

While Mr. Corkins' computer shows evidence that he visited the SPLC website, there is no evidence that SPLC had anything to do with Corkins' motivations. There is no excuse for violence. However, Corkins was clearly motivated by the anti-gay hate spewed by organizations like Family Research Council.

Family Research Council has been blaming SPLC ever since the shooting took place in August of 2012. Mark Potok, a senior fellow at SPLC called Mr. Perkins’ accusations "outrageous." Mr. Potok wrote that "Perkins and his allies, seeing an opportunity to score points, are using the attack on their offices to pose a false equivalency between the law center’s criticisms of the Family Research Council and the council’s criticisms of gay men and lesbians."

According to Mat Staver, Chairman of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University Law School:
The Southern Poverty Law Center has a long history of maliciously slandering pro-family groups with language and labels that incite hatred and undermine civil discourse.
"Slander?" Why is it that Mr. Staver is unable to cite any evidence of an untruthful statement by the SPLC? "Slander" requires false light. What undermines "civil discourse" is calling gay people evil perverts and child molesters. An employee of Staver's group (Matt Barber) does so repeatedly without rebuke from Staver. Mr. Staver has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no interest in civil discourse. Staver continues:
In the issues of family and marriage, Christians are literally in the crosshairs of radical homosexual activists, and the SPLC is fueling the hatred and providing the targets. The SPLC should be held accountable for its reckless acts. Even more disturbing than the SPLC’s irresponsible behavior is the fact that the Obama Administration is in bed with this group.
Again, it is the behavior of anti-gay organizations that causes them to be listed as hate groups by the SPLC. Such listing is entirely preventable. Members of the Ku Klux Klan consider themselves Christian defenders as well. They have made similar statements about the SPLC. While there is no excuse for violence, it is these hate groups who are responsible for angering people with their ceaseless rhetoric and bigotry     not the SPLC.

Perhaps Mr. Staver could start by not suggesting that there is a horde of angry gay people pointing guns at Christians. Perhaps he could also not persist in calling every gay person seeking equality a "radical homosexual activist." Again, Mr. Staver has shown no interest in civility. As for the Obama Administration, the Justice Department has worked with the SPLC for nearly 50 years.
It is ironic that Christians who believe in natural marriage have been isolated by radical homosexual activists and demonized as ‘homophobes’ and ‘haters.’ 
People can believe in natural marriage without being opposed to marriage equality. We have a long and treasured history in this country of "live and let live." It is not marriage discrimination that causes the LGBT community (again, radical homosexual activists according to Staver) to label people as haters. Rather, it is the lies about, and defamation of, gay people that are used in an attempt to impose their religious beliefs on civil law.

When people behave as bigots, they are going to be labeled as bigots. When groups claim that gay people are a threat to children (an appeal to mythical stereotype) as a  means of thwarting marriage equality, then those groups, and the people responsible for those groups, are going to be considered hateful. When Mr. Staver Claims that children with gay parents will end up "behind bars for committing violent crimes," he can expect to be called out as a bigot.
What the SPLC and other homosexual activists are doing is intentional and dangerous. It is time to end the dangerous rhetoric and resume a civil discourse on the subject of natural marriage and morality.
"Civil discourse?" This from the guy who has opposed every measure of dignity and equality ever afforded gay people. This from a group that called the hate crimes prevention act the "pedophile protection act." This is coming from a group that calls the Employment Non-discrimination Act "special rights for homosexuals" to "promote homosexuality in the workplace." I could fill an entire website with the most uncivil discourse emanating from Liberty Counsel. What I find astonishing that that they have not been listed as a hate group by the SPLC. If Mr. Staver wants a civil discourse, he certainly knows where to start!

The SPLC currently lists 26 organizations as anti-gay hate groups. They are:

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality Naperville IL
Bethesda Christian Institute San Antonio TX
Chalcedon Foundation Vallecito CA
Faithful Word Baptist Church Tempe AZ
Family Research CouncilWashington DC
Family Research Institute Colorado Springs CO
Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment Downers Grove IL
Illinois Family Institute Carol Stream IL
Jewish Political Action Committee Brooklyn NY
Mass Resistance Waltham MA
Mission: America Columbus OH
Parents Action League Champlin MN
Public Advocate of the United States Falls Church VA
Save California Sacramento CA
Sons of Thundr (Faith Baptist Church) Luthersville GA
Tom Brown Ministries El Paso TX
Traditional Values Coalition Anaheim CA
Traditional Values Coalition Washington DC
True Light Pentecost Church Spartanburg SC
United Families International Gilbert AZ
Westboro Baptist Church Topeka KS
Windsor Hills Baptist Church Oklahoma City OK
You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide Annandale MN
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