Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Morse: The rich people ... have decided that we are going to have ... same sex marriage

National Organization for Marriage has always had some rather "off" staffers. Indeed, most of them make Maggie Gallagher seem grounded. Among them are the always pissed off and unhinged Brian Brown, the dimwitted Thomas Peters and the amusingly quirky, evangelical Catholic, Jennifer Roback Morse. Apparently, Morse is prepared to testify before the Rhode Island Senate. The full quote from her prepared remarks:
You will little note, nor long remember what I say here. The rich people in our country have decided that we are going to have what you call same sex marriage.
She footnotes this to some wealthy donors to equality - seemingly ignoring the extremely wealthy donors (like Sean Fieler) to NOM.

On the whole, these remarks are comprised of predictions. My personal favorite:
I predict that you will follow Quebec in its attempts to prohibit the belief that heterosexuality is normal. Wiping out a belief in something that is actually true will certainly open up vast vistas of government involvement in civil society. Redefining marriage opens the door to increases in government power that could never be achieved any other way.
OK, Kreskin. Quebec is trying to eradicate homophobia. The rest of this vivid imagination is just, well, "off."
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