Monday, February 11, 2013

No Mr. Knight - We are not all smart and good at telling jokes

The virulently anti-gay Robert Knight has an antisemitic bent as well. In today's Washington Times he writes:
Michael Schwartz, a great man who passed from this earth last weekend at age 63, was an anomaly.

An Irish Catholic from the Duffy family, he had a last name that suggested a different heritage. He was so smart and good at telling jokes that a lot of people were stunned to find out he wasn’t Jewish.
While that might sound complimentary it has a sinister and dark side. At various times in history, that stereotype has morphed into crafty and deceitful     just for starters and it rapidly goes downhill from there.

Presumably, we are no smarter than any other segment of society and I am pretty crappy at telling jokes.

As for Mr. Knight, he was with Family Research Council and then Peter LaBarbera's predecessor at Concerned Women for America (it's no coincidence that Porno Pete was succeeded there by Matt Barber. From there, Knight ended up with Coral Ridge Ministries. Knight also did a stint at Media Research Center (I cannot recall if he preceded or succeeded Porno Pete). These days, Knight is with the American Civil Rights Union where he writes about the evil of the ACLU.

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