Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NOM: 'This is important, I need your help'

Actually, it is trivial and what National Organization for Marriage wants is your money. According to NOM:
Already in Illinois, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Minnesota and Hawaii, activists and lobbyists are trying to force through legislation to legalize same-sex marriage. And at the federal level, we have two enormous Supreme Court cases looming.
I didn't know about anything doing in New Jersey. I suspect that might be on the ballot this year. Exactly what does NOM propose to do about any of this? Create more unsympathetic faux victims; threaten legislators; pray; blog about the horrors of equal marriage? Where does all this money go? The answer to that is simple; It goes to organizations like Opus Fidelis and Frank Schubert's PR firm. If found this amusing:
We defeated a lame-duck session bill in Illinois that would have legalized same-sex marriage and are gearing up for a fight over a bill being put forth again in the coming weeks during the new legislative session
There are more Democrats in the new session than there were in the lame duck session. Exactly why NOM takes credit for the delay is anyone's guess. This whole saga is almost comical.

All of the grandiose platitudes about marriage as a fundamental and foundational institution are having less and less effect as people realize that nobody's traditional marriage changes because a few gays get hitched. This is becoming a rather silly controversy.
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