Thursday, February 7, 2013

Randy Thomasson is late to the Boy Scouts party but manages to remind us of just how whacked out he is

Randy Thomasson with is sort of a California version of Porno Pete LaBarbera. As you can see from that photo, poor Randy is obsessed with all things gay. Apparently, he is possessed of the notion that there are hordes of horrendously horrible homosexuals (probably in chaps) who are out to corrupt every child in America. Leave it to Randy to get lost:
The latest attack of homosexual activists against the Boy Scouts is very important, perhaps more important than the Boy Scouts and scouting families know.
I didn't know that we (trust me, every gay person is a homosexual activist) attacked  the Boy Scouts. Please, Randy, tell us more. We are eager to learn:
First, let’s establish some facts about what’s being debated. There is no “gay gene” and no biological basis to homosexuality. Homosexual behavior is unnatural, unhealthy, unbiblical, and its political agenda is tyrannical against those who don’t support it. So keeping out homosexual-bisexual-transsexual role models and influences is definitely in the best interest of training boys to be “morally straight.”
Who knew? Were Keith Olbermann to regain his show on MSNBC (it should  only happen), he would be terribly frustrated. On a daily basis, there are just too many spectacular contenders to select the worst person in the world. The supply of these self-righteous schmucks is limitless and so is their inanity. It is problematic just to confront this much prideful stupidity.

I will have to be content, this night, to declare Randy Thomasson the worst person in the world. Call it "Keith-Lite."
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