Monday, February 4, 2013

Strange notions of morality

In WND, Rick Santorum writes Stop the war on the Scouts. Therein, Santorum offers much of what the religious right has been pushing     a false choice between morality and allowing gays to participate in the Boy Scouts of America. The emphasis is on the idea that being gay is immoral. The message that Santorum sends to hundreds of thousands of gay children is that they are immoral per se. Santorum also tries to make this a class argument. It's not surprising that this is the same Santorum who accused President Obama of snobbery for striving for more kids to go to college. The immorality of exclusion and inequality doesn't dawn on Santorum for a second.
So when I saw that the Boy Scouts of America executive board is convening on Wednesday to discuss abandoning the organization’s founding moral principles that nurture boys into men, I was saddened, but not surprised. It makes sense that men at the top of the food chain whose boys are insulated, although not immune, from the harmful effects of societal change are behind this effort. Board members James Turley, CEO of Ernst & Young, and Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, are advocating for gay scoutmasters and scouts. They are joined by two big funders, UPS and Merck, that have signaled change or money will disappear.
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