Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catholic bishops oppose Violence Against Women Act over lesbian provisions

These are the men who are disordered. The Violence Against Women Act specifies that no person may be excluded from the law’s protections because of  "sexual orientation" or "gender identity." Therefore, according to these pampered celibates, it promotes homosexuality or gay marriage or ... something. These guys need to be more concerned about their dwindling flock. Perhaps, were their focus not elsewhere, the flock would not be dwindling. According to a statement issued by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops:
These two classifications are unnecessary to establish the just protections due to all persons. They undermine the meaning and importance of sexual difference.
No, they are not unnecessary to afford protection "due to all persons." Claiming otherwise is dishonest. The notion that recognizing the needs of lesbians "undermines" anything to do with sexual difference is just dishonest hyperbole. When did these people become pathological liars?
They are unjustly exploited for purposes of marriage redefinition, and marriage is the only institution that unites a man and a woman with each other and with any children born from their union .
Repeat the same bullshit often enough ...
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