Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dr. Louis Safranek claims that all gays are AIDS infected sluts which is a reason to allow discrimination

This is testimony before the Nebraska Judiciary Committee which is currently considering several non-discrimination bills including one that would apply to employers. I enhanced this video and adjusted the audio gain.

This imbecile sounds more like Tony Perkins than a physician.

Appearing before the committee to as an opponent of the bills, Safranek cited a 1983 study on HIV which claimed that HIV positive gay men had an average of 900 sexual partners by the age of 35.

According to Safranek, this presents a legitimate reason for employers to discriminate and to hire a straight applicant over a gay one. While he was at it, he said that gay people were inappropriate models for children. The "logical" extension to this is that employers should inquire about the sex life of every applicant and employee.
I urge the members of the legislature to reject LB 485, which criminalises business owners that see that the differences, such as I have highlighted, are in fact a legitimate basis for discriminating against homosexuals.
I also urge them not to pass… any other bills which suggest that the gay lifestyle, or any of the LGBT lifestyles, are equivalent to the healthy sexual norm of sex within the context of marriage between monogamous men and women.
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