Monday, March 11, 2013

Guess who funded that poorly researched study that claims kids raised by gays do poorly in school?

Last November, Douglas W. Allen, Catherine Pakaluk and Joseph Price claimed that children raised by gay couple did poorly in school. They arrived at this "conclusion" by analyzing a study done by Michael Rosenfeld (yes, the same Rosenfeld who wanted nothing to do with Witherspoon). Rosenfeld responded:
Allen et al.’s results depend on their inclusion of children whose family at the time of their grade retention is unknown, plus adopted and foster children whose selection process into families is unknown. Children whose family has been through upheavals or transitions are less likely to make good progress in school than children from stable families. Children raised by stable same-sex couples do remarkably well in school.
Douglas Allen is an obscure professor of economics at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He is associated with National Organization for Marriage as he is on Ruth Institute Board of Advisors and is one of Ruth's "inner circle of experts." Pakaluk is a professor of economics at Ave Maria University. Joseph Price is an assistant professor of economics at BYU. In other words none of these people are social scientists.

Today we learn even more:

Apparently, Sean Fieler's Chiaroscuro Foundation funded this project. Fieler is a major donor to National Organization for Marriage and chairman of Robby George's American Principles Project. He is also on the board of Witherspoon. Furthermore, at Fieler's request Chiaroscuru's executive director, Greg Pfundstein, ran a draft of this study by Mark Regnerus. In the cover memo, Pfundstein wrote "Brad Wilcox assures me that these scholars are top notch." Apparently, Witherspoon's  Wilcox is working for, or has a relationship with, Chiaroscuro regarding this project     much as he did with Regnerus' research. Interestingly, Pfundstein was referred to Regnerus by Helen Alvare. Alvare is an associate professor of law at George Mason University. She also has a master's in theology from Catholic University. She wrote an amicus brief in Hollingworth v Perry on her own behalf. She repeats what is essentially the Church's argument about "procreative marriage."

It seems to always be the same defenders of the faith who oppose our equality. Perhaps Fieler wants to be Knight of Schmalta or something.

Pfundstein to Mark Regnerus, November 4, 2011

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