Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh the mileage on the Mainwaring

Doug Mainwaring is a defender of the faith and reliable faggot for National Organization for Marriage as well as a Tea Party fruitcake. Mainwaring claims that he is a gay man living with his wife for the supposed benefit of his children. We have yet to hear from his wife.

In addition to attempting to thwart marriage equality in his home state of Maryland, NOM is now pimping Mainwaring out wherever they need a proponent of marriage discrimination. He has testified against equality for judiciary committees in Illinois and Minnesota. He basically repeats the NOM talking points with NOM verbiage.

Like most Teabaggers, Mainwaring is not exactly a deep thinker nor intellectual powerhouse. I find it amazing that he wrote a polemic today for Witherspoon's (Opus Dei) Public Discourse that is astonishingly titled Same-Sex Marriage: We're Playing Chess, Not Checkers.

So here we have a gay man among, and prostituting for, people who don't believe that there are gay people and would say that he is someone who sometimes experiences same-sex attractions. He entered a counterfeit marriage and is, at least now, presumably celibate. He is, apparently, all but divorced (having been separated at some point) yet living with his wife in an arrangement. This guy chose to marry a woman whom he did not love and then chose to have children in a dysfunctional marriage. I'll bet that there is considerably more to this story. Did he think that marriage would cure the gay?

... and this sexually confused and frustrated ass would presume to lecture us about marriage. Please.

In today's piece, Mainwaring writes:
Genderless marriage now enjoys an aura of equality and fairness, which suggests that the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment had same-sex marriages in mind as they penned their magnificent giant leap forward for humanity. While this situation is highly unlikely, those who selfishly seek additional “rights” for themselves have found their justification in the penumbra they now sense surrounding legitimate civil rights.
First of all, "genderless" is not even a word yet its use is most unoriginal as it is now in the NOM vocabulary. I am only surprised that he didn't put the word marriage in quotation marks. Moreover, same-sex marriage is not without gender. Furthermore, the authors of the Fourteenth Amendment sought equal protection for all Americans in all things. Equal rights are neither special rights nor additional rights and they are certainly not illegitimate <sigh>.  By the way, "penumbra" is the wrong word. But it gets better as he concludes:
But for the sake of all children and those yet to be born, we need to slow down and seriously consider the unintended consequences of undefining marriage. Otherwise, we risk treating our progeny as expendable pawns, sacrificed in the name of self-fulfillment. We can do better than that.
So now we have gone from "redefining" to "undefining" marriage. An absurd notion either way.  I am not at all sure how marriage equality would devalue the children that we raise. Oh     if only I could have the chance to debate this fool who seems to forget that gay people are already raising children. Would they be better off or worse off if their parents could marry, Mr. Mainwaring?

When Mr. Mainwaring's 15 minutes expire, will he realize how anti-gay activists have used and manipulated him? Probably not.
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