Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What NOM's Jennifer Roback Morse DIDN'T Say

National Organization for Marriage mouthpiece, Jennifer Roback Morse, likes to be called "Dr. J." Aside from the fact that she is not Julius Erving, there is nothing folksy or cute about this dreadful woman. Putting her within hearing distance of young people is irresponsible.

As you all know, in late February, Morse was meeting with a group of college students in Iowa. In order to posit that gay people are sad and lonely, she made an asinine statement that there is more to the Tyler Clementi story claiming that "there was a much older man in the picture." The Clementi family demanded an apology which resulted in Morse issuing a statement today that only adds to her vulgarity. Her position is that it was sex that drove Tyler Clementi to suicide rather than bullying and derision.

I have listened to the entire Q & A session. Morse refers to people with same-sex attraction, people who are not 100% heterosexual and people who have gender confusion. Getting her to say "gay people" is as difficult as getting a Scientologist to say "Xenu." She does refer to "gay activists" with considerable contempt     using "gay" as a pejorative.

Morse's belief system has nothing to do with evidence, analysis or critical thinking. Morse is acquiescent to being told what to believe by men she has never met. It starts with the Pope and works its way down through the Church hierarchy. According to the Church, gay people simply don't exist because that would acknowledge the obvious; that God made them that way. Rather, there are people who "sometimes experience same-sex attractions" and then act (sinfully) on those attractions.

Eventually they will come around.

It only took a couple of centuries for the Church to accept the simple fact that the earth orbits the sun. I don't think, however, that they posthumously apologized to Copernicus or Galileo.
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