Sunday, March 17, 2013

Would Fox News Hand a Microphone to David Duke?

The answer to that question is probably "no." Fox would not allow Duke to express his hatred of Jews on their air. Why then would they hand a microphone to Tony Perkins? That is precisely what Fox did. At about 12:15 this afternoon, they allowed Perkins, head of the hate group Family Research Council, to weigh in on Rob Portman's endorsement of marriage equality.

The only difference between Duke and Perkins is the groups that they target. Duke hates Jews while Perkins hates gays (and probably Jews as well). Thus, the issue becomes the failure of Fox news to appreciate the fact that there is little difference in effect between antisemitism and homophobia. We must understand why Fox does not grasp the simple fact that Tony Perkins is a bigot     no different from David Duke.

Fox News presents the simple proposition that antisemitism is socially unacceptable while anti-gay bigotry is not similarly reviled. Yet, the fundamental root of intolerance of Jews and gays is the same Christian opprobrium. In fact, it seems quite probable that Tony Perkins believes that I am destined for hell because I am Jewish. However, Tony Perkins would not say that on Fox because Perkins knows that doing so would create an immediate negative reaction. Neither Perkins nor Fox have a similar concern when voicing disapproval of gay people. We have some work to do. We can start here:
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