Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bryan Fischer has the balls to call someone else a "gasbag"

Bryan Fischer never ceases to present his mediocre intellect     further degraded by his personality disorder. Fischer has taken to his American Family Association blog to criticize Bill O'Reilly with a post titled Hey, Bill, we’ll keep thumping our Bibles, just like the Founders. Fischer claims:
Bill O’Reilly recently took it upon himself to insult everyone in America who has reverence for the Bible as the word of God. He ludicrously claimed that supporters of natural marriage haven’t “been able to do anything but thump the Bible" in making their case.
Of course, in response to O'Reilly's "ludicrous" claim, Fischer opposes marriage equality with some scripture:
Now God clearly defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman in Genesis 2, and Jesus reaffirmed God’s definition verbatim in Matthew 19, which means, of course, that man-woman marriage is as much a part of the gospel itself as heaven and hell. What God and Jesus Christ have defined, man must not redefine.
Thank you Mr. Fischer for making O'Reilly's point. But Bryan is not done:
... supporters of natural marriage have not only cited Scripture but the best in social research, history and legal thinking to make the case that marriage ought to be defined exclusively as a one-man-one-woman institution.
Actually, about the best that they have come up with to obfuscate a religious objection is "responsible procreation."
Well, Mr. O’Reilly, we are going to go right on clinging to our Bibles and our religion whether gasbags in the media approve or not.
Fischer calling someone else a "gasbag?"
In his self-infatuated preening, O’Reilly is apparently oblivious to the stubborn historical fact that the Bible was the primary source of the wisdom the Founders used to draft the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
No Mr. Fischer. No. Our founders were mostly deists. Moreover, the Federalist Papers make no mention of biblical foundations or sources.

Unfortunately, O'Reilly will not respond to the irrelevant Fischer. Unfortunate because we are denied the entertainment value of two blowhards going at each other.
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