Monday, April 8, 2013

Gotta Laugh - NOM Creating a "Virtual March for Marriage" Petition

The pretentious email graphic is telling. If Brown had any training or management experience he would know just how absurdc it is. But I digress. From an email titled: Have you given up, Brown claims:
In the days and weeks to come, NOM will be again leading the way by rallying supporters of traditional marriage just like you to sign our Citizen's Petition to the Supreme Court, forming a "Virtual March for Marriage" as the Supreme Court considers the legal arguments of the Proposition 8 and Defense of Marriage Act cases.

They are using a silly petition     a contrivance     as a way  to raise some  money. It looks like Sean Fieler is at it again with matching funds. Of course that presumes that there really is a matching grant. According to the "petition:"

I proudly STAND FOR MARRIAGE because:

It is the unique and special union of one man and one woman, uniting husband and wife to each other and to their children;
It is the fundamental unit of our nation and culture, the primary building block upon which every society is founded;
It is the healthiest and best environment for children to be raised in, because every child has the right to both a mother and a father;

The United States Supreme Court to exercise judicial restraint, resist the call of political activists to legislate from the bench, and respect the right of the people of America to decide this issue themselves within the democratic process.
The simple fact is that     to the extent that NOM relies on contributions from the general public     people are on the sidelines until the Court rules in June.

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