Monday, April 22, 2013

Jennifer Morse's pointless ego trip

Jennifer Roback Morse
Jennifer Roback Morse is not an officer of National Organization for Marriage. While she is fond of describing herself as the founder and president of Ruth Institute, Ruth Institute no longer exists as an entity. It filed a termination with the IRS in 2011. It is kind of hard to be President of something that does not exist.

Morse is an employee of National Organization for Marriage. Morse is not an officer of National Organization for Marriage. This is quite clear from NOM's last 990 filing.
The unchecked boxes correspond to Director, Institutional Trustee, Officer and Key Employee. The checked box is for highly compensated employee.

According to World, an Evangelical Christian magazine:
Jennifer Roback Morse, an economist, rejects the notion that increasing support for homosexual marriage among young people means that its legalization is somehow inevitable. She is founder and president of The Ruth Institute, a pro-marriage group that promotes traditional marriage to college students and other young adults. The arguments for marriage can work with that group, she said, because they’ve never heard them before. Presented well, the case is “extremely powerful.”
First the obvious. Based on recent surveys done by several polling organizations, Morse is doing a terrible job convincing young people to oppose marriage equality. Additionally, Morse received her Ph.D 33 years ago and has not been in academia for over 20 years. Morse does not seem to have ever worked for anyone as an economist. She can call herself anything that she likes but the "economist" ship sailed some time ago.

This article includes a rather lengthy Q & A. No sense repeating the intellectually dishonest rhetoric. This article is remarkable for what is not in it. There is not a single mention of National Organization for Marriage. OK, one gem. I can't resist:
For people on the radical left, equality is their primary value. But it doesn’t even make sense to think about families in terms of equality because babies are never the equal of the parents and men and women can never be equal in the sense of baby-making and child-rearing and development.

So if egalitarianism is your biggest thing, this whole enterprise of baby-making is offensive and disruptive to your ideology. [Marxist theorist] Friedrich Engels saw monogamous marriage as just as oppressive as private property and capitalism. In fact, he saw them as related, so some see the home in terms of class struggle. The home itself becomes politicized. To level all differences between men and women they have somehow to sterilize the sexual act, which is why so many of them see abortion and contraception as absolute values.
Sohhhh, marriage equality is a communist plot? Contraception is a radical left idea? If only to be a critical interviewer with the opportunity to say "back the fuck up" to this lunatic. 
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