Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LifeSiteNews: Is support for gay ‘marriage’ really rising?

LifeSiteNews is running a piece titled Is support for gay ‘marriage’ really rising? by Blaise Joseph. After correctly citing polls and trends, Joseph offers numerous reasons that the polls and trends are wrong. What caught my attention was this bit of sophistry:
The most common reason given (32% of those who changed minds) was that they know someone who is homosexual. Republican Senator Rob Portman, who a few weeks ago said he supported same-sex marriage because of his son who is homosexual, is an example of this. But this is hardly a reason for supporting same-sex marriage. Firstly, many homosexuals oppose same-sex marriage, and secondly the issue is not whether or not we should love homosexuals, but rather what marriage is, and whether or not same-sex marriage is beneficial for society.
The entire paragraph does not depict a great deal of intellectual horsepower. Nevertheless, pray tell, Where are all these gay people who supposedly oppose marriage equality? Since 2007, National Organization for Marriage seems to have found exactly one and he's a TeaBagger.

I actually tried to track down Ms. or Mr. Blaise Joseph so that I could ask him or her that very question. Vapor.

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