Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Minnesota Family Council pitching a fit over anti-bullying bill

Fundamentalist Christians do not like anti-bullying laws. Minnesota Family Council sent out a lengthy email titled Legislative Alert! Anti-bullying Bill - Contact Your Legislator. At the core of their  objections to Minnesota SF 783/HF 826 seems to be the following (emphasis is original formatting):
  • Gives special attention and protections to at least 19 groups in society, including “sexual orientation” and “gender identity and expression” (boys and girls who want to dress as the opposite sex).  So if male student comes to school dressed in female clothing and is teased.  That would constitute bullying under this bill.
  • Would be used as a tool to reshape the attitudes and values of school-age children regarding family structure and sexuality
  • Goes far beyond bullying to require schools to “prevent and reduce discrimination”.  This could include, alternative views on sexuality and family structure issues. 
The Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act is designed for the safety of all children     even Christians. If kids cannot go to school without calling people "faggots" and "kikes" then their parenting is sorely lacking. Nobody will change the backward values that they learn at home.
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